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Media Training

Bespoke, Practical Workshops

Equip your spokespeople to handle all kinds of media scenarios and questions. Media Training workshops help those on the front-line to deliver messages and stories with confidence – whilst also being engaging so that they’re remembered for all the right reasons.

Workshops can take place at your offices anywhere in the World or via online training tools.

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"100% of participants are ‘highly likely’ to recommend the workshop to others."

  • Tim Matthews
    A great course, which helped to look at how to deal with media and what they might be asking. Also helped me understand what I need to work on
    Tim Matthews
    Senior Product Manager
  • Thought provoking!! Good focus, amazing. I wish Rebecca could be there with us when we meet some journalists!
  • Jess
    Brilliant for changing how you think about things, especially if you don’t have a background in speaking to the media
    Head of Marketing, Vestel B2B
  • Marcos Placona
    If you're scared of getting in front of the media, this is for you. Great way to think about what stories you can tell and bring the conversation to a tone you're happy with
    Marcos Placona
    Developer Evangelism Manager (Twilio)
  • Senior Director, Marketing (Twilio)
    Fabulous session! Learned so much!
    Senior Director, Marketing (Twilio)
    Tricia Miller
  • Head of Leadership and Development
    Thank you for running a highly professional and energetic workshop that added real value, especially within the very limited time frame we gave you. The feedback I’ve gotten so far from our delegates has been very positive…..and rightly so!
    Head of Leadership and Development
  • Jaap Van 't Ooster
    Powerful, straight forward to understand concepts followed by strong practice with very effective feedback - overall feeling of pleasure, fun and satisfaction
    Jaap Van 't Ooster
    Managing Director
  • David Preskett
    The session was fun, challenging, motivating and inspiring
    David Preskett
    Senior Sales Director, Canon
  • Ozgur Yitiger,
    Rebecca's energy, knowledge and attitude was so involving, motivating and engaging. I did enjoy the training and learned a lot
    Ozgur Yitiger,
    Country Director
  • Joerg Gugel
    The media training really helped me to see interviews as an opportunity rather than a risk. I also now feel confident to help the journalist to write a nice story
    Joerg Gugel
    Managing Director
  • Christer Byfors
    The session was a great combination of theory and practical exercises - thanks for a great day!
    Christer Byfors
    Director ITCG Norway
  • PR Manager
    People loved your training! The participants all told me it was excellent!
    PR Manager
    Technology Company
  • Product Marketing Manager
    It was great! I now understand how to elevate our story above our marketing and sales messages to really cut through the noise of our competitors
    Product Marketing Manager
    International Technology Company
  • CFO
    I found it incredibly helpful. It was fast-paced, and enjoyable too.
    Energy Technology Company
  • Business Development Director
    I wasn't exactly sure what else I might learn as I'd had media training before, but it was vastly different - for the better! I've learnt so much and have a completely different, more positive perspective on what to do and how to get the right message across. Thank you!
    Business Development Director
    Energy Technology Company
  • Wendy Miles
    I have attended several media training sessions over the years and yours stood out from the rest. Your enthusiasm and presentation is outstanding. Your ability to pick up on Toshiba messaging is most impressive. It was a pleasure to sit in on the day and I know the team got a lot out of it too - they told me how much they enjoyed it.
    Wendy Miles
  • Maria Winslow
    I have found working with Rebecca invaluable. She is friendly, approachable, professional and efficient. I feel very lucky to work with someone so knowledgeable and who has such a wealth of experience. We now work in a different way and easily differentiate ourselves from any competition in the local area.
    Maria Winslow
    Winslow Skincare
  • Claudio d'Amore
    Working with Rebecca has been very helpful, it allowed us to clarify who we are, what we do and what we should keep doing. She knows her job and she is also very nice to work with.

Media Training Workshops

Equip your spokespeople with the tools and techniques to execute compelling interviews, control difficult or hostile questions and deliver memorable soundbites.

Workshops can be organised for just one person or a group, but it is important to ensure there is enough time in the day for as much interview practice as possible. Workshops also work best when there is a tangible need so that the messages and story required to be delivered can be practiced thoroughly on the day.

Workshops can be delivered at clients’ offices, wherever they are based or via online training tools.

Brand Experience
Who will benefit from media training?

Media training benefits any executive responsible for delivering the right message in the right way despite what else may be happening.

It equips spokespeople with invaluable techniques to successfully handle even the toughest interviews, and be engaging as a storyteller, so that they get the best results from their time with a journalist.

What is a typical media training agenda?
Typical media training agenda

A media training agenda is tailored to meet the individual needs of the brand and each participant. However, each session will always cover the media training basics and a typical agenda includes:

  • Theory – inc. What makes a good story? Tricks & Traps / Body language and voice / Handling tricky questions
  • ‘The Bridging Technique’ practice
  • Interview practice – including recording and playback
  • Soundbite practice

What does a workshop package include?
Every workshop includes
  • Initial preparation in advance of workshop
  • Message interrogation / storytelling identification
  • Minimum of two interviews per participant
  • Filming during workshop
  • On-the-day feedback
  • Post-day feedback with access to videos

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